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SAT Math Practice

    Try a few of these tricky questions to gauge where you stand on the SAT
    Math section.

    There will be more practice questions posted on this page so keep

    1. A rectangular airport runway is x feet long and y feet wide. If its length is to be
    made 100 feet longer, by how many square feet will its area be increased?
    (A) xy + 100y        (B) xy + 100        (C) 100 ly        (D) 100l         (E) 100 y

    2. The probability of A’s winning a hockey match is 3/2 times the probability of B’
    s winning a cricket match. The probability of C’s winning a race is twice the probability
    of B’s winning the cricket match. What is the maximum probability of A’s winning the
    hockey match?
    (A) ¼                (B) ½                (C) 2/3          (D)¾                (E) 1

    3. In a certain city, the number of commuters decreased 15 per cent from June
    to July and decreased 10 per cent from July to August. By approximately what per
    cent would the number of commuters have to increase from August to September for
    the number of commuters in September to be equal to the number of commuters in
    (A) 80%        (B) 77%        (C) 75%        (D) 31%        (E) 24%

    4. If the distance required for an automobile to stop varies directly as the square
    of its speed, what is the distance required for an automobile driven at 60 km/hr to
    stop if it takes 10 meters to stop the automobile moving at 20 km/hr.
    (A) 30m        (B) 36m        (C) 60m        (D) 90m        (E) 120m

    5. Technological advances in manufacturing radios reduced the manufacturing
    cost of parts by 50 per cent and the cost of labour by 60 per cent. If labour originally
    accounted for 3 times as much of the manufacturing cost as parts and it is assumed
    that total cost consisted only of labour and parts, what was the per cent decrease in
    the total cost, resulting from these advances?
    (A) 30%        (B) 42.5%        (C) 55%        (D) 57.5%        (E) 70%

    6. Of the following, which is the closest to 1?
    (A) 1 + 0.04        (B) (1 – 0.04)2        (C) 1- (0.04)½        (D) 1 + 0.042        (E) 1 - 0.043

    7. Of the following, whish is the greatest amount of money that a person can
    borrow at an annual interest rate of 6.5 per cent if the loan and interest are to be
    paid off at the end of one year with the money from a check of Rs. 1,600?
    (A) Rs. 2,460        (B) Rs. 1,704        (C) Rs. 1,520        (D) Rs. 1,500        (E) Rs. 1,040

    8. An 8 gram object is attached to a balance beam at a point 22 cm. from the
    centre of the beam. If the beam is to remain horizontally balanced how many grams
    must be attached to the other end of the beam 10 cms away from the centre?
    (A) 27.5        (B) 17.6        (C) 3.6                (D) 1.8                (E) 0.06

    9. X can clean the garage in half the time it takes B. If they cleaned it together in
    3 hours, how many hours would it take form A to clean the garage all by himself?
    (A) 6                (B) 5.5                (C) 5                (D) 4.5                (E) 4

    10. An office has two copying machines> Machine X can reduce the size of a
    page and produces copies, in either the reduced or original size, at the rate of 1
    page per second. Machine Y cannot reduce pages and produces copies at the rate
    of 1 page every 2 seconds. What is the least amount of time required for the two
    machines together to make 60 copies of a 120 page if exactly half of the pages of
    each copy of the report must be reduced?
    (A) 1 hour        (B) 1 hour 20 minutes        (C) 1 ½ hour        (D) 2 hours        (E) 3 hours

    11. If 13 + x3 + 83 = 93, then x = ?
    (A) -1                (B) 0                (C) 1                (D) 6                (E) 9

    12. At a certain firm 81 per cent of the investments will mature in more than 1
    year and 27 per cent of the investments will mature in more than 2 years. What per
    cent of the investments of the firm will mature in more than 1 year but nor in not more
    than 2 years?
    (A) 19%        (B) 22%        (C) 33%        (D) 54%        (E) 73%

    13. If x is the greatest four- digit number such that the sum of the digits is 23 and
    no two digit are the same, which of the following is NOT a digit of x?
    (A) 9                (B) 8                (C) 7                (D) 6                (E) 0

    14. On a 200 question test the total score is the number of questions correctly
    minus 1/5th of the total number of questions answered incorrectly or left unanswered.
    What is the minimum number of questions that must be answered correctly to receive
    a total score of at least 100?
    (A) 75                (B) 116        (C) 117         (D) 125        (E) 175

    15. The averages speed of an automobile for the first half of a 100 km. trip was
    60 km/hr and from the second half was 90 km/hr. What was the average speed in
    km/hr for the entire distance?
    (A) 68                 (B) 72                (C) 75                (D) 78                (E) 80

    16. On a certain day, an employee worked from 8:02 a.m. until 4:27 p.m. and
    took off ¾ hour for lunch. If the employee did not take any other breaks, how many
    hours did the employee work for?
    (A) 4.4                (B) 7.15        (C) 7.25        (D) 7.65        (E) 8.4

    17. In stack A, invoices are assigned consecutive numbers, beginning with 1. In
    stack B, invoices are assigned consecutive odd numbers, beginning with 1. In stack
    C, invoices are assigned consecutive multiples of 3. If there are 25 invoices in each
    of these stacks, how many assigned numbers are common to all three stacks?
    (A) 1                (B) 4                (C) 8                (D) 12                (E) 25

    18. If the sum of all the positive divisors of an integer n is equal to 2n, then n is
    called a perfect number. Which of the following is a perfect number?
    (A) 4                (B) 8                (C) 12                (D) 24                (E) 28

    19. The average of a list of positive numbers is 20 per cent of the sum of the
    numbers. How many numbers are there in the list?
    (A) 5                (B) 20                (C) 80                (D) 100        (E) Cannot be said.

    20. If k is the constant in the expression x2 – x + k  and the expression has a
    value of 0 when 3 is substituted for x, what is the value of the expression when 2 is
    substituted for x?
    (A) -4                (B) -2                (C) 6                (D) 8                (E) Cannot be found.

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