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About the Author

    I  have been teaching SAT I  and the GMAT formally and informally over the past few years.

    It all started with my score of GMAT score of 780 (Out of a Maximum score of 800) that vindicated the
    strategies that I used to crack objective type tests.

    I had earlier scored a 99 Percentile in the (old) SAT I.

    I have taught SAT & GMAT In various parts of the world and enjoy it immensely. However, my daytime job
    prevents me from teaching full time.

    I normally teach students who wish to get a score of 2200+ in the SAT, because at this level, a student's
    mental strength plays a very large role.

    By education I am an Engineer- MBA and my current day time job is that of an IT Consultant based In
    London & New York.
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