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Math Question-Bank for SAT Winners
An exhaustive 200+ Page Question Bank with over 400 fully solved word
covering ALL areas of SAT Math

    Internalising Math concepts is a sine qua non for a high Score.

    It is easy to understand SAT Math conceptually, after all it is all High School level stuff.

    However, under time pressure, it is all too common to see students fumbling about with their
    formulae and their concepts, losing precious time.

    What is needed is to be able to look at a problem, and have a A-ha, I have seen it before,

    And that is what the Winners do.

    Most winners are so well conversant with the concepts, that they don't have to spend too
    much  time thinking  about how to approach the problem, and which formulae to apply.

    How do they do this? With Practice, Practice and more Practice.

    After you have gone through the theory, you should try to solve as many different problems
    as you can get your hand on.

    This is where the Question Bank for SAT Winners comes in.

    This exhaustive eBook:

    - Contains 400+ Word Problems covering ALL topics of SAT Math

    - All problems Fully explained with alternative methods for solving where ever applicable.

    - Problems based around REAL SAT Questions that have appeared in the recent past.

    - Majority of questions are at the 700+ level to give you thorough practice.

    - Focus on the following important topics


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